Hello. I'm Martin. I've been making and breaking stuff since I was a little rascal.

I now enjoy getting paid doing the same as Head of Design at Linkfire.

Working Experience

I've progressed from being a craftsman to scaling design across offices to directing the design strategy. My core believes are being curious, staying humble and strive for mastery.

Public Speaking

I've been reoccurring as a guest teacher at KEA and CBS on topics like micro frontend architecture, design systems, rapid prototyping and continuous product discovery. I also enjoy doing talks and workshops at meetups and conferences.
  • User Interface Design
    Jun 2020
  • Designing in a Multi-Brand Universe
    May 2020
  • The landscape of UI tools
    Oct 2018
  • Low ? High
    Mar 2017
  • Don't be a tool
    Mar 2016
  • CSSGrid behind flags
    Jan 2016
  • What is InVision
    Oct 2015
  • What is PostCSS
    Aug 2015
  • Design System Toolkit
    Aug 2018
  • Product design workshop
    Nov 2016
  • Prototyping with Principle
    Aug 2016
  • Using data with Sketch
    Sep 2015

Building Community

As the founder and co-organizer of UX/UI design meetup group, I ensured high quality of talks and relevant topics to the community in Copenhagen. As a result it grew from 0 to 1600+ members over a course of 3 years.


I'm a proud father of two lovely girls and happily married to Jelena. In my freetime, I enjoy playing basketball, go to music concerts and do talks and workshops. I'm very passioned about the design craft and building digital products that users love. I'm always learning new things. If you want meet/chat/have a coffee then you can find me on LinkedIn or Twitter.